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At Seaborn, we are inspired by those who have come before us. Our products are born from simplicity, by utility, beauty, and tradition. We strive to honor the timeless art of craftsmanship—where everything put into physical form reflects our greatest ability, our values, philosophy, and potential.

We create goods and tools that aid in the adventures of today.


Seaborn is named after my great-great-grandfather, Alexander Seaborn Wadsworth, who was born at sea aboard the ship Seth Sprague on February 21, 1853.

Seaborn Grave

"Captain Alexander Wadsworth of Duxbury took his young wife with him on one of his voyages. In the Sea of Bengal they were becalmed many days and she gave birth to a son who lived but the mother died. The sentimental old salts on board raised heaven and earth till they reached port where they secured a nanny goat to supply milk for the baby. All went well till the goat died. Then they fed the baby on sea biscuits soaked in rum. The baby thrived and was named "Seaborn." In due course of time the voyage was ended and the vessel sailed into Duxbury Bay."

— The History of Seaborn Wadsworth, by Dr. Reuben Peterson


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